Let the Dictation App convert your voice into text at the rate of natural speech. Simply talk to it and your words will display on the screen as text. It’s like having a well behaved transcriber at your disposal. If a word is not what you expected, simply tap on that word and this will invoke the touch keyboard so you can edit it. You can use it to do transcription in any language that supports Cortana. When you are happy with the result, you can email it to yourself or to another recepient. Download here.


The Dictation App does not collect, store or share personal information such as email, contacts, location, IP address and other sensitive data. An internet connection is not essential for this app. No payments can be made through it and nothing can be purchased. Your information cannot be accessed by any third party. In all cases of using the Dictation App, your data is always protected and your privacy is absolutely secure.

Please be aware that your Windows 10 device needs to be running a reliable internet connection in order for this app to perform its functions. This is because it uses Bing’s cloud services for all the intensive tasks. The benefit of this is that few of your device’s resources are tied up since most of the heavy lifting is done up in the Cloud. It is also the reason why it is efficient, surprisingly accurate and self-learning.

You no longer need expensive speech to text software. If you write articles, e-Books or any other type of content, this may be the only tool you’ll ever need. Not only will it boost your productivity but will help you deal with Writer’s block, especially if you have it installed into your smartphone and you can move around.

To gain the maximum benefit out of the Dictation App by HasFocus.com, please use the following steps:

1. Ensure that your device is securely connected online through Wi-Fi, your data plan or Ethernet if you are using it on a laptop.

2. Choose the language you want transcribed from the dropdown menu labeled Language. To install Cortana for a specific language, use Settings > Time & Language > Speech > Add Language. For an up-to-date listing of languages that support Cortana, please click here.

3. Click the Dictate button and articulate the words you wish to see transcribed. For optimum results, speak clearly, at a slower rate if you are a fast speaker, and be in a noise-free environment. The Dictation App is capable of punctuation. The words comma, period, colon, semi-colon and exclamation mark are commands and will result in the corresponding punctuation mark. To break a line, simply say newline and this will have the same effect as pressing the Enter key on a keyboard.

4. Touch a word that you want to edit. You will be able to change it either by choosing the correct word from the closest matches list or by typing it properly.

5. Click the Clear button to erase any text from the dictation area.

6. Send content to yourself or to another recepient by clicking the Email button. If you resume a suspended app, the previous content will be preserved. But if you activate a terminated app, the previous content will not be available.

7. Observe the status bar at the lowest part of the app page for an indication of what the mechanism is busy with at any given moment.

Because content is king, voice to text conversion is a high-in-demand service. Having a device that can create textual content at the rate of natural speech is a great asset. Thanks to the Dictation App, coming up with great content, quickly and without stress, is no longer a problem. Because it uses Bing’s engines, in the Cloud, recognition speed and accuracy are very high and getting better over time. A stable and fast internet connection is key to good performance.

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The Dictation App, by HasFocus.com, has an one-day free trial and then an one-time price of $2.49. We would like to inspire users to leave an honest rating and/or review as those help guide not only future users but also the development team behind the scenes. Thank you for your preference of the Dictation App!