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SpeechToText Pro

SpeechToText Pro is a professional speech-to-text app designed for generating longer pieces of content. Create articles, essays, even ebooks, only using Voice Typing. Never again touch the mouse and keyboard, or touchscreen, when using this speech-to-text software!

Although it is 100% accurate most of the time, its real power lies in the flexible voice commands – referred to as Actions – that let you control all aspects of text presentation. Use them to make any correction or change the presentation of any segment of text.

Some of the Actions are… Select, Select From/Until, Select Last Word, Select Last Sentence, Select Previous, Select Next, Insert Before, Insert After, Delete, Delete Last Word, Delete Last Sentence, Capitalize, Uppercase, Lowercase, Round Bracket, Double Quote, Single Quote, Hyphenate, Join, Reverse, Acronymize, Spell, and more. You can also create bulleted lists easilty. Usage of Actions and all other features is illustrated by example in video tutorials, accessible from inside the app. There is also a user guide on Actions that can be printed and downloaded.

In fact, this description – as is – was voice typed using SpeechToText Pro and Actions.

SpeechToText Pro will not do the following:

1. Work without internet.

2. Produce good results without a high-quality USB microphone. (For more details, see Resources -> Best Results.)

3. Produce accurate results in the presence of background noise.

4. Transcribe speeches delivered from a distant source, such as a public speaker.

5. Convert audio files into text.

6. Produce audio recordings. This is strictly a speech-to-text app! (Well, it does text-to-speech as well.)

Here is what SpeechToText Pro does. It:

1) Converts spoken words into text at the rate of natural speech, and at near-100% accuracy.

2) Lets you modify existing text, or define the presentation of the text you are pronouncing, through the use of voice commands. Voice commands replace the mouse and keyboard. However, the option to modify text using those methods exists too.

3) Lets you substitute the predefined voice commands with your own.

4) Offers support for hotkeys. Simply assign a voice command to a difficult-to-pronounce segment of text. Then pronounce the voice command for the difficult-to-pronounce text to print.

5) Lets you save text, send it as an email, send it as an SMS message, share it to other apps, upload it to OneDrive, play it back in a synthetic voice, or print it.

6) Makes it convenient to paraphrase spoken content in Youtube videos.

7) Lets you do scientific calculator-level calculations with its voice-driven calculator.

8) Helps you protect your content by defining users.

9) Lets you produce richly formatted content that can be saved as an RTF file, PDF file, or printed.

10) Works in English, Mandarin, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese & Spanish.

Although SpeechToText Pro has a learning curve, it is minimized thanks to its intuitive design, easy-to-read documentation, and the fact that every control (button, switch, menu) throughout the user interface is documented with a tooltip. Every major component of the app has its own user guide. The user guide on Actions can also be saved or printed. The information in the user guides is complemented by video tutorials, accessible through Resources -> Video Tutorials.

It is in the user’s best interest to learn all the features of SpeechToText Pro so that this Windows 10 speech to text app can be used in its fullest potential.

SpeechToText Pro has a free 24-hour trial period and then a price of $6.49. Positive reviews help this app continue improving. We also welcome user feedback! Many of the app’s present features started out as feature requests. If there is a feature you would like to see implemented, please send an email to admin@hasfocus.com. Thank you for choosing SpeechToText Pro by HasFocus.com!